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from Entrepreneur to Intrapreneur

 Meet Shay. Strategic. 

Pragmatic. Collaborative.

Commercially Savvy. Agile.

Intellectually Curious. 

Socially Conscious.

Results Driven.


In this period of unprecedented change, astute organizations recognize the importance of leaders who can inspire teams and effectively drive change from within to create real impact.  

Welcome to my corner of the Internet.  I am a proven marketing strategist and business leader with B2C and B2B experience within Fortune 100 companies. 

I am also an entrepreneur who co-founded a technology company and supports early stage ventures.


Today I am privileged to work in a thriving FMCG company where we are embracing disruption and passionate about brands!

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“Shay is a razor-sharp mind, an insightful marketer and a strong leader. Her approach to both business challenges and cross-functional team dynamics were inspired and accomplished - in part due to her excellent communication skills, a deep passion for marketing, and strategic thought leadership..."

"During our work together, she was a consistent top performer because she combined a strong sense of strategic discipline with a capacity to develop creative solutions to our business problems. As a result, she always made a positive impact on our bottom line business results."

"Time and time again Shay has gone above and beyond the call of duty to exceed our expectations.  She's versatile, professional, and well-rounded on a myriad of business challenges."

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"The Hard Things About Hard Things: Building       a Business When There Are No Easy Answers"   by Ben Horowitz. This book is a quick and easy read filled with practical insights.  Whether you're leading a start-up or within an established company, leading change and pushing through obstacles is never easy.   I found inspiration from Ben's story.      


"Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter" by Hal Urban.  I am typically not a big fan of books that fall in the self-help category.  That said, I reread this book while on vacation and found it a perfect read sitting on the beach.  It is a practical book that offers timeless bits of wisdom and many opportunities to reflect.


Savveo Advances Local Programmatic Buying. Savveo announces a joint partnership with television group Scripps that will focus on accelerating the advancement of local programmatic TV buying. Read More.


Savveo, Inc. Partners with Empower MediaMarketing.   Savveo, an ad tech startup at the forefront of programmatic buying for offline media, forms a strategic partnership with Empower. Read More.





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